Product Testing

Environmental Analytical Service (EAS) does product testing for volatile organic compounds (VOC). We have extensive experience in characterizing the emissions from products using one of our air testing methods, or a modification of method. 

Product  Headspace Testing

The product is placed in a headspace container and allowed to equilibrate.  An aliquot is taken from the headspace and analyzed for the compounds of interest.  The results are reported as a concentration in the headspace.

Product Characterization by Thermal Desorption

The product is placed in a container in a temperature controlled oven.  When the product is at the desired temperature, an inert gas is passed through or over the product to strip off the compounds of interest. The gas from the procuct is collected and analyzed and a mass/Kg is calculated.

Product Emissions Testing with a Small Chamber

The product is placed in a small environmental chamber in a controlled environment.  The chamber can be cooled or heated.  The chamber can be operated as a static chamber which is similar to a headspace, or a dynamic chamber with gas flow.  The results from the dynamic chamber can be used to determine an emission factor of the compound from the product.



EAS is Currently NELAP Certified by the State of Florida  for Air Testing Services